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May 24th, 2010
The answer has nothing to do with finding the single perfect stock or mutual fund. The key is changing your idea of what the ‘right’ investment really is!
Do you have the right stock and bond mix?
Once you’ve given up the notion that you can pick the next hot mutual fund, you can focus on the real key to investing for retirement. And that’s creating a blend of stocks and bonds aggressive enough to generate the returns you need but not so risky that your retirement savings will be decimated by market meltdowns.

When you’re younger and have more time to recover from short-term setbacks, you can afford to tilt your mix toward stocks. As you age and become more vulnerable to losses, gradually shift toward bonds. It’s pretty simple.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this yourself, go with an increasingly popular option known as a target-date retirement fund. You simply choose a fund with a date that roughly corresponds to the year you plan to retire – say, the 2035 fund if you’re in your early forties – and you get a fully diversified portfolio suitable for someone your age. Many large fund firms, including Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard, offer these options, while 85% of 401(k)s at large companies offer or plan to offer similar funds.

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May 10th, 2010

It’s time to throw out your notions of what you can talk about with your Financial Advisor advisor.

  • Maybe you’re worried that the lifestyle you’ve worked for is becoming the lifestyle your children will feel entitled to
  • Maybe you long ago made a decision to retire by 62, and then you turned 58 and found out that decision may be up to somebody else
  • Maybe your friends are about to stop asking why you waited to start a family, and start asking what in the world you are going to do with triplets

Robinson Wealth Management Groupcan help you determine what’s really important to you, then develop actionable strategies to help you realize your most cherished hopes and defend against the things that might undo them.

Investments? Of course. Borrowing? Strategically, yes. Managing risk? Systematically. Planning deliberately so that your wealth works to bring you a lifestyle well earned? That’s where it starts.

Income and Lifestyle

Through an in-depth discovery process your Financial Advisor will work with you to understand and document what you want to do in this lifetime, from now until retirement and from then on. We’ll then map out a course to help you seek the returns you’ll need for how you intend to live and to achieve the income you’ll need to do exactly what you want one year at a time. And, if you like, strategies to guarantee that income.


We view borrowing as a strategy — an array of ways to unlock value in assets you own, without compromising the ability of those assets to continue to work for you over time.

If such talk of strategy sounds like how most firms talk about investing, it should. We believe how people invest and how they borrow are inextricably linked — both sides of one balance sheet, one plan.

Asset Protection

By understanding the lifestyle you enjoy, and the one you’re building toward, your Financial Advisor advisor can see the threats against it — taxes, inflation, volatility, creditors, lawsuits, identity thieves, tragedy — and help you deal with them using everything in the arsenal of one of the world’s largest financial services firms.

Wealth Transfer

Your Financial Advisor will approach your plan for wealth transfer from a wider angle than a traditional estate plan. We work with you to understand your definition of a rich life, then craft a plan to help you lead it and pass on what you see as most important to the next generation.

Your advisor will approach your plan for wealth transfer from a wider angle than a traditional estate plan. We work with you to understand your definition of a rich life, then craft a plan to help you lead it and pass on what you see as most important to the next generation.

This might mean a passion for education, or a sense of obligation for each generation to help give the one that follows a leg up in life. Or both. It could mean protecting a work ethic and thirst for accomplishment, or protecting your family’s bonds of affection toward one another. Whatever it is, it should start with your definition of a rich life.

Investment Management

We believe that your plan for your life is the most important part of investing. Little things…like when you plan to retire — and when you secretly hope to retire. The business you’ll open when you do. How much you’d like to travel. And the aging parent who will need to move in with you in the next few years.

Investing with a Financial Advisor is based on the simple yet powerful premise of wealth management: Your investments and your life are uniquely intertwined. Whether by design or by accident, they are all part of one plan. We advise that it be by design

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May 7th, 2010

It’s always difficult to know what is going to happen with a stock.  Is it set to go up? Is it going to go down?  It seems you never know until it is too late. 

However, if you are willing to do a little digging, you can get some insight as to whether a company is healthy or not.  It doesn’t require loads of work, but it does require a little.  I thought I would give you a crash course on how to become your own stock expert.

Actually doing this research can be kind of interesting. Picture yourself as part Warren Buffet and part CSI detective.  It only requires two things and about ½ an hour to get a good picture of the health of a company.  Those two things are Google and the company’s financial statement.

 Is Anyone Abandoning Ship? 

Go to Google, find out if there is any news about the company’s CEO, Financial Officer, or other big wigs abandoning ship.  This news is pretty easy to find.  You should also Google these people, even if they are staying, and see if they have any bad behavior in their past.

They’re Late…They’re Late!

Next, Google company’s history of Missed/Late/or Inaccurate financial filings. Accounting restatements can happen for many reasons, most of them bad.  If you find the company makes this a regular occurrence, you need to really evaluate whether that is a company you should be invested in.

 Up to Their Necks…

How much debt does the company have as compared to that of its competitors?  The easiest way to determine this is by using the debt-to-equity ratio.  You can find this on the company’s financial statement or many other places on the internet.  Take a look at a few of its competitors debt-to-equity ratio as well.  How does it stack up?

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May 7th, 2010

Jim Robinson, “A Note From Jim” author/expert and Financial Planner, recently launched a new web site for his financial planning firm, Robinson Wealth Management. One of the most important things that RWMG does with its clientele is to stay engaged with them on a personal level and provide outstanding financial information on a regular basis.

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May 6th, 2010

Well, we made it through another tax season, didn’t we?  But if you’re smart… you aren’t through with your taxes yet!  You should be looking at two things before you completely forget about the pain and suffering of getting your taxes done.

2 Important Things to Check

  1. If you feel like you paid too much in taxes for 2009… call my office to make an appointment.  We should go through your tax return and look for ways to reduce your tax bill for this year.  This is really an important thing to do because any money we find is “found” money and you can spend it, or invest it on anything you like!
  2. In 2009, the average tax refund was $2,683 according to the IRS.  If you were one of the lucky ones to get a refund… don’t spend it just yet.  At least take a look at the 7 ways that may make your refund keep paying you for years to come!  Below you will find the 7 things I think you should look at for your tax refund.

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May 5th, 2010

Fort Worth Wealth Management and Financial Planner, Jim Robinson, owner and founder of Robinson Wealth Management Group, announced today the launch of his new comprehensive financial planning web site. This web site offers relevant Retirement Income Planning resources specifically for those who are retired and those soon-to–be retired individuals.

“We know that that people want and need the type of comprehensive financial advice and planning that we offer. Our services are designed to provide people with a comprehensive plan after careful consideration of their needs and wants. We give them everything they need to make an informed financial decision including tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning and more. ” says, Robinson

Robinson Wealth Management Group usually charges $250 just to put together a personalized Retirement Income Plan, but with the launch of their new website, they are offering for a limited time, to waive that fee to anyone needing their services.

About Robinson Wealth management Group

RWMG is a financial planning firm working with small business owners, individuals and persons planning for retirement. The firm provides counseling and guidance in the areas of Risk Management, Accumulation and Income planning weighted for inflation, Tax Maximization, and estate preservation. For more information, visit

For more information call RWMG’s Dallas SEO Firm Advice Interactive Group or Contact:

Jim Robinson
Registered Investment Advisory Firm

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May 3rd, 2010

Financial planning is a must these days. At Robinson Wealth Management Group, Financial planning is associated building an objective plan with all necessary details for your future. Of course, we mean your financial future. Financial planning has certain principles which you should follow persistently to meet your objectives. In fact your goals can be quite different and they certainly depend on your particular situation. For instance you might have the only one desire which is send your children to a certain university. May be you only dream about your post – retirement period and do your best to prepare for it. Perhaps you only think about your new home. As you can see setting financial goals is the direct work of your imagination.

To my great regret most financial advisers can’t offer you a good comprehensive financial plan.  In many cases these “financial planners” are simply former sales people. And they are more likely to sell their products rather than offer plans for your consideration. So keep in mind that if your potential financial adviser starts with talking about different products then it means that he thinks about himself first of all and you are his secondary concern in this case.

So, if you need help with financial planning – then we seriously recommend you to call and allow us to give you a comprehensive Wealth management plan at Robinson Wealth Management Group and visit our web site with wealth management advice and other useful information as well as our FREE white paper on the Wealth Management Process.