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Defining Stocks and Bonds

December 2nd, 2010

Stocks and BondsHow often have you heard the term “stocks and bonds” in conversation and just let it pass?

It’s amazing how often we hear words but we don’t quite understand them. We all have heard about stocks and bonds one way or the other, whether it’s on TV, on the radio or via the Internet. Ironically, a large majority of those same people wouldn’t know how to purchase either, let alone explain the difference in the two.

Stocks, simply put, are shares of a company. These companies sell stocks as a business capital fund-raiser of sorts.  A stock is offered to an investor, making that person a partial owner of the company. Bonds basically are large loans borrowed by companies. It is a formal contract issued by the government or a company to repay borrowed money with interest in a specified amount of time.

Both stocks and bonds are securities, which are instruments that represent some form of financial value. A mortgage (for you first-time homeowners) is a security. Stock can be purchased through a stock broker or via online.

Stocks and bonds can really become an intriguing discussion once you know the jargon and once you familiarize yourself with the actual process. Our financial planning professionals in Fort Worth TX will be more than happy to assist you with additional information. Call us, or contact us online for details.