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Under 30? Stay Above Average w/Your Finances

October 15th, 2010

“Gen Next.” millennials-personal-finances-rwmg fortworth
“Generation Y.”

No matter how you identify yourself, there is one thing that truly sets you apart from the generations before you–overwhelming debt.

I know by now you’re well aware of the sobering statistics–according to a November MetLife personal finance poll, 70% of Millennials were not setting aside savings and 43% were burdened with credit card debt (with 20% carrying a balance of $10,000 according to Fidelity Investments).

I’m not writing this to overwhelm you with statistics. I want to encourage you to start an action plan to not just help manage and eventually eliminate your debt and to approach educating yourself about personal finance management with the same gusto you have for acquiring the latest iPhone/iPad app!

Call our offices at 817-479-9245 to schedule a free consultation. In the first 45 minutes, we’ll discuss your personal circumstances and help you start to formulate a practical plan for getting you out of debt, how to realistically manage your finances and how to start setting aside money for your future goals–whether you’re planning to continue your education, start a family, want to explore market and other investment opportunities (or all of the above!).

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